Style Confidentials | velvet souvenirs



As write this post sitting on ┬átrain to New York, its quite cold outside as we’re deep into the winter months. So i thought I write about a style trend that was prevalent last season and has been around ever since US soldiers returned from japan after the world war.


that trend to be exact is the embroidered souvenir or sukajan jacket, but this time its bigger and better, well lets just say its a souvenir jacket on steroids. Now I understand its still quite cold out and it might be easier to reach for a wool coat, but believe when I this piece should be the next purchase and quit possibly the last bomber jacket you should purchase.


From a personal stand point, souvenir jackets are one of those pieces that will separate your style from others (depending on how you put together of course). The jacket in this look is a velvet souvenir jacket from ASOS, which is great because it’s boxy and extremely warm which makes it an ideal alternative to coats and ideal for light layering. I feel its best to keep things simple but effective, especially when there’s a piece as loud as this one it’s always best to let the piece speak for itself.


Sticking with simplicity and effectiveness, I opted for a black long sleeve thermal and black jeans both from Zara. Dress them up, dress them down, whatever you do chelsea boots are a never fail piece. (hey, if the beetles loved them, it works for me).


thanks for reading, and I wish you all brilliant day!!!