K.I.S.S | keep It Stupid Simple


Love suits but hate the whole dressing up smart look?, maybe your dress shoes aren’t comfortable enough or you just really want to wear those brand new all sneakers you recently bought. Well fear not I am here to tell you that it perfectly ok to wear sneakers or trainers (for you UK readers) with your suit. Just don’t go overboard with your choice of sneakers (no funky colors). Keep it stupid simple (K.I.S.S) and you’ll never fail.


Usually when dressing down a suit it’s always easier to wear the whole suit while swapping the shirt and tie for a tee shirt. But for this look I decided to keep things simple and functional by pairing a black roll-neck and dark cropped dress pants as the base layer and a navy jacket as my top layer. The jacket is from Zara,┬áits a wool mix which makes it a great choice for cold weather. For this look let the accessories do the talking. I am wearing a MVMT watch Keeping with the casual side of this look I decided to go for my trustee old white Stan smith sneakers (remember this is a style essential).

6x5a9233Throw on some classic club master sunglasses and you’ve achieved Steve McQueen style cool

Thanks again for reading, more post to come!!!