Your style armor


     As I write this post, I can’t help but think of some of the most ridiculous fashion trends that have hit the runway recently (umm male rompers?? seriously). What happened to the days when a guy looked good in jeans and t shirt or shirt and leather jackets. It is said that in fashion trends come and go and there are somethings that stand the test of time. One of those that stands the test of time is of course a well tailored suit. A suit is a mans ultimate battle armor, any guy can look good in a well cut suit. A suit commands respect and admiration.

Although it is always good to experiment with trends, nothing beats the power of a well tailored suit. You might think to yourself a well tailored suit?, that might cost me hundreds or even thousands of dollars, well it doesn’t have to. One the brand that I tend to turn to is Combatant gents. They make suits that are both affordable and come very well fitted. Its always good to ensure that the suit jacket fits in the shoulders, then from there everything else can be taken in as needed. Combatant gents suits usually range from $200-$300 or sometimes even less. The next logical step in owning a power suit is to find a tailor who can make the suit feel personal.

When purchasing a suit I feel a good first suit should never be black. Unless you want to be asked where the wine menu is. Any guy’s first suit should always be either a navy blue suit or charcoal grey suit. For this look i decided to go with a light grey suit from Combatant gents as i feel its appropriate for the weather seasons. I had the suit tailored by shortening the jacket sleeves as well as the pant legs.

Pairing the suit with a light pink and a red knit tie and a with pocket square, these items are all from Zara, all these will keep you looking less wall street and more stylishly modern. For shoes I decided to go with a pair of brown monk strap with some brogue detailing. For accessory i decided to keep things simple and minimalistic with a clean guess watch.

Thanks again for reading and catch you on the next post!!!!