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It feels like just yesterday i was waking up to the sight of ancient cathedrals, old bridges, Italian cuisine and quality wines. Oh Florence you have me forever charmed with your rich history and spellbinding architectural masterpieces. Even though the flight to Europe was a total of 10 hours due to a layover in Canada, the thought of once again being in florence was enough to keep me in good spirits. Upon arrival my friends and I landed in paris where we spent the night before heading over to florence on an hour flight.

We stayed at the Plus Florence hostel/hotel which is a great alternative if you’re on a budget and it was very well run and the staff were great. the place is extremely clean, and they’ve got a pool which is always great. If you like meeting new people from around the world, they have a bar where you can socialize. After getting situated, I felt there was no better way to start exploring than to head over to the magnificent masterpiece that is the Duomo. This was my second time visiting florence and the Duomo still evokes the same emotions of awe and admiration as the first time. The first few days consisted of exploring the four parts of the cathedral. We then ate one of my favorite restaurants in florence, Rubaconte. I have to thank my friend Mollie Reynolds for this one. She lived in florence for a little over a year, so if you ever need any help with getting around Italy, She’s brilliant. The dishes there are very affordable and mouthwatering. I highly recommend the seafood pasta and the my personal weakness, the florentine steak, you wont be disappointed. No Italian trip is complete without gelato, there are 2 places that in my opinion serve the best gelato in florence. La Carraia is one of them, once again props has to go Mollie for this one. The other gelato spot is venchi. If you’re a gelato fanatic try all the flavors, or my favorites mint chocolate chip from La Carraia or chocolate from venchi.

The next couple of days were dedicated to doing more exploring of the various historic infrastructures florence has to offer. like the Ponte Vecchio (old bridge). The piazza della replubblica. And of course the art, florence is Known for its art. Some of the greatest renaissance painters and art sculptors have their works in florence like Michelangelo, with his masterpiece of David and Benvenuto Cellini’s statue of Perseus with the head of medusa. florence is always a great destination to visit and it was exactly what i needed to get 2017 off to a good start. I look forward to visiting again soon.

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Hotel Pendini

Orto De Medici Hotel

Hotel Palazzo Vecchio

Hotel Duomo


Piazza del Duomo

Michelangelo’s David

Ponte vecchio



Gusto Leo

ristorante Lorenzo Di Medici


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